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The New Millennium Citygate Ecotower, London, England


The project’s principal Nadi Jahangiri, worked previously on the London Millennium Tower and Commerzbank, Frankfurt/Main,  Germany, with Foster and Partners. The 1,495-foot (456-meter) high building is intended for mixed uses that include transport interchange, offices, and residential accommodation.


The suggested site is along the eastern approach to London.


The firm states that it seeks to unite its interest in the high-rise type with low energy building design. The tower, which resembles a great sail, includes wind slots which prevent turbulence at its base and harness the wind to drive turbines-which coupled with 50% photovoltaic cell coverage of the facade provide up to half of the overall power consumption of the building. A three-story, ventilated facade section eliminates the need for conventional air-conditioning systems.

A Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

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