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Location: Surrey, UK
Building Type: Residential

| Villa Mellena

Building work is now complete on SCALA architect’s design for a new house in Sanderstead, Surrey. Planning consent was granted and preparatory work started immediately. The site is approached from the street via a long drive that climbs a gentle slope to the main entrance. The house is designed around an atrium that runs East-West allowing light to fill the spaces within the house all day long and all year round. A large leisure pool is located on the ground floor with various service rooms with the main living accommodation on the raised ground and first floors. The garden forms a central feature of the design and is accessed primarily from the large format glazed doors and screens from the living area out via a series of decked terraces and into the garden itself. The layering of the spaces in this way allows full use of the outside space in different weather conditions and for different purposes.​ In instructing SCALA architects to gain planning consent, the client opted for our ‘Planning Plus’ service, where we provide an enhanced level of detail to the application drawings to allow the client to take over the project management of the construction or self-build the house themselves.​ The house has featured in the promotional video for the new McLaren 570GT and the 'Enemy' video by Zack Knight, which has already had almost 10 million views on YouTube.

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